July 2016 – summer is in full bloom, celebration is in the air!  July 4th represents Independence Day, a day that America celebrates fondly and with great excitement!  What better way to express this than with an American Flag flying proudly at your home or business?


We have a variety of sizes currently on Sale.  We also carry a variety of other flags, flag poles and Memorial Burial Flag display cases. (This is an employee’s personal favorite picture.)



















Wow, it seems like we went from cold weather to hot weather extremely fast this year!  If you are one of the many allergy sufferers, you cannot keep your home windows open.  Unfortunately, we may use our air conditioning systems most of the summer.  It is a fact that awnings reduce the heat in a home by 20%, which can help that electric bill tremendously.  As much as you may love the summer sun, after a long day of yard work or outdoor events, you also love coming home to the comfort of a cool home.  Awnings are very popular and convenient on patios and decks as well.  When the sun starts beating down mid-afternoon and becoming uncomfortable during that summer cookout, just hit your remote and bring down your awning for instant shade and comfort!

We sell NuImage Awnings.  They are state of the art retractable awnings, in the most diverse and beautiful selection of colors and patterns you could ask for!  Please check out our website www.awningsofect.com or email nuimage@ohdct.com for more information.  Or come on into any one of our offices to see our selections.

awning patio

Overhead Door of Norwich:  88 Route 2A, Preston, CT 

860-889-3849 or 1-800-462-4003

Overhead Door of Tolland County:  70 Merrow Road, Tolland, CT  

860-872-1466 or 1-800-462-4003

Overhead Door of Windham County: 93 Hartford Road, Brooklyn, CT 

860-779-8910 or 1-800-462-4003

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